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Trusted by Fortune 1000 companies to improve operational efficiency, customer support, consumer engagement, and compliance intelligence.

Conveyer curates high-quality data with ease

Our patented TopicLake™ Technology pre-processes virtually any data type for rapid access within your enterprise data platform, dramatically reducing time and cost for data and IT system integrations.

Streamline operations and drive growth by providing instant access to your proprietary knowledge via Conveyer’s intelligent data extraction process.

Product Integrations

Interface with data your way

Integrate your preferred analytics, data, and AI tools with TopicLake™ Technology


Conveyer’s TopicLake™ Technology is a dynamic semantic network that organizes structured and unstructured data at a topic level

Conveyer AI uses smart ingestion to transform and consolidate your organization's proprietary unstructured and structured content into a repository that prepares and generates data for a variety of use cases.

What our customers are saying

Aldon Blackwood

We at BLACK+DECKER are excited to collaborate with Conveyer to provide our users with an improved customer experience."

Aldon Blackwood
Director of Product Management
Jeff Ayer

Since transforming our documentation into digital platforms with Conveyer, we've reduced our paper usage by 66% and scaled down our printing costs."

Jeff Ayer
Product & Marketing Manager
Crystal Mears

After digitizing our field guides with Conveyer, we now have analytics to inform us on the progress of installations."

Crystal Mears
VP of Customer Success
David Douglas

I think most companies need or will need Conveyer. I consider it one of the higher ROI purchases we've ever made.”

David Douglas
VP of Service Management
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