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We’re a team of entrepreneurs who join forces with companies to accelerate access to the right product answers, providing a delightful user experience that's good for the planet. Everyone on our team is satisfying vital needs with simple solutions that continuously surprise, enable and empower our customers.

Profile Picture of Amelia Willingham
Amelia Willingham
Marketing Manager
Profile Picture of Amie Mansaray
Amie Mansaray
Data Analyst
Anoop Shanthkumar
Senior Software Engineer
Ashish Kumar
Software Engineer
Bandenamaj Mulla
Software Engineer
Profile Picture of Carolyn Parent
Carolyn Parent
Chief Executive Officer
Profile Picture of Dr. Ellie Graeden
Dr. Ellie Graeden
Strategic Advisor and Research Professor, Massive Data Institute
Photo of Dr. Vishal Misra
Dr. Vishal Misra
Strategic Advisor
Profile Picture of Ellie Swanson
Ellie Swanson
Director of Sales & Marketing
Profile Picture of Forida Yeasmin
Forida Yeasmin
Customer Success Manager
Profile Picture of Girish Hippargi
Girish Hippargi
VP of Engineering
Profile Picture of Kalpitha C.
Kalpitha C.
Software Engineer
Profile Picture of Kartik Mulgund
Kartik Mulgund
Senior Technical Manager
Profile Picture of Krishna Ghadiyaram
Krishna Ghadiyaram
Data Analyst
Profile Picture of Madhuri V.
Madhuri V.
Technical Manager
Profile Picture of Maili Neverosky
Maili Neverosky
Chief Growth Officer
Profile Picture of Max Riggsbee
Max Riggsbee
Chief Product Officer
Profile Picture of Mike Rubino
Mike Rubino
Chief Financial Officer
Profile Picture of Patricia Alvarez
Patricia Alvarez
Director of Customer Success
Profile Picture of Paul Vince
Paul Vince
General Counsel, Business Strategy
Profile Picture of Rob Soni
Rob Soni
Executive Chairman
Profile Picture of Rupak Rath
Rupak Rath
Software Engineer
Profile Picture Shrivaishnavi Jahagirdar
Shrivaishnavi Jahagirdar
Senior Software Engineer
Profile Picture of Swathi M.
Swathi M.
Software Engineer
Profile Picture of Venkat Singamsetty
Venkat Singamsetty
Software Engineer
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