Conveyer and MOTOR Are Charting a New Course for Automotive Data

November 16, 2022
Carolyn Parent

We’re going beyond the glovebox to breathe new life into complex technical information.

I love my 1996 Dodge Charger, but I’ll admit that it’s been a long time since I last looked at the owner’s manual. (I’m guessing it’s still stowed away in my glovebox somewhere!) As every motorist knows, auto manuals are long, dull, and packed with technical detail — a necessary reference guide, but not exactly easy reading.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce Conveyer’s new partnership with MOTOR Information Systems, the world’s leading supplier of automotive data. Unveiled this month at AAPEX in Las Vegas, MOTOR Mobile Guides use Conveyer’s automated solution to empower parts and equipment manufacturers to effortlessly turn complex documentation into a seamless digital experience, making must-have information instantly accessible for motorists, dealerships, and technicians.

Introducing MOTOR Mobile Guides

With MOTOR Mobile Guides, vehicle owners, technicians, and other stakeholders can simply scan a QR code to pull up the exact information they need, right on their smartphone. There’s no need to dig out manuals or scroll through hard-to-read PDFs: from procedures to fluids to device specifications, the data you need is right at your fingertips. 

Better yet, Conveyer turns documentation into a dynamic resource that’s always up to date, with no need to mail out addenda or distribute new guidance. From technical service bulletins and best-practices, to add-on products and upsell opportunities, the MOTOR Mobile Guide offers fresh, authoritative technical data and support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Nobody knows the importance of swift, seamless access to reliable automotive data better than MOTOR. According to Jeff Nosek, President of MOTOR Information Systems:

"At MOTOR, we understand the power of data — and the importance of putting completely reliable information at customers' fingertips in the precise moment when they most need it. Conveyer is the sector-defining leader in this space, and by harnessing their technology we're able to fully automate the process of digitizing user manuals to unlock incredible new value for both manufacturers and end-users.

MOTOR Mobile Guides powered by Conveyer

How Conveyer delivers results

MOTOR President Jeff Nosek and Conveyer CEO Carolyn Parent
MOTOR President Jeff Nosek & Conveyer CEO Carolyn Parent

It’s been incredible to work with the MOTOR team on this project, because it’s exactly the kind of partnership we had in mind when we created Conveyer. Our solution uses AI and natural language processing to automate the process of turning complex, high-stakes documentation into a fully digital experience, delivering powerful solutions for customers, product management stakeholders,  and technical support teams. 

Going digital streamlines operations, reduces waste and printing costs, and helps companies to move faster and capture new opportunities. It also helps automotive brands to take control of product return rates. With accurate data and updated catalogs, MOTOR Mobile Guides ensures users get the parts, information, and aftermarket support they need, dramatically reducing the risk of costly product returns.

That’s important, because at Conveyer we believe the real value of going digital lies in engaging customers and improving their experience with your products. In fact, brands that use our solutions typically capture up to a 10X year-on-year increase in customer engagement. That’s true of MOTOR Mobile Guides, too: every customer interaction becomes a source of actionable insights, allowing manufacturers to improve their offerings, provide tailored guidance, and evolve their roadmaps in real time.

The automotive sector is known for innovative, high-performance products. It’s time we had product documentation to match. By partnering with MOTOR, we’re going beyond the glovebox — and finally bringing automotive product information into the digital era. Big thanks to Jeff Nosek and the MOTOR team for this great partnership!

Read the press release here.