QR Codes Are Key to Frictionless Self-Service and Better Customer Experiences

November 30, 2022
Ellie Swanson

Top customer experiences (CX) leave a lasting impression. Forward-thinking companies that are using accessible, personalized, interactive, and trackable self-serve CX options via QR codes are reaping the benefits with increased customer satisfaction and improved operational excellence.

QR Codes Now Mainstream, Usage Keeps Growing 

A QR code is a link that your customers can scan with their smartphone camera. QR codes have been around for years but didn’t gain widespread adoption until the pandemic, as a contactless way to engage with customers. According to data by eMarketer, 65.7 million U.S. smartphone users scanned at least one QR code in 2020, a 24.9% increase over 2019. 83.4 million QR users are estimated in 2022, and 99.5 million projected in 2025.

Chances are, you’ve scanned a QR code or two in the last few years, especially now that most smartphone cameras can read QR codes. Increasingly common use cases for scanning QR codes include: restaurant menus, payments, inventory management, product authentication, and product packaging. QR codes have become an everyday touchpoint with consumers and are fueling positive CX.

Three Ways QR Codes Are Fueling Better Customer Experiences

Let’s dive into three specific ways digital customer experiences are changing the way companies are approaching customer service and how consumers are successfully interacting with brands and product information.

Today’s consumers expect choices, quick solutions and flawless customer experiences. They are exceedingly digital savvy and prefer to self-serve –– as long as the right mechanisms are in place to ease their journey.

1. Digital Product Support

Consumers want to get the most out of their purchase. They want to unlock features and use products to their fullest. Digital self-serve options focus on the customer, how they utilize your product and digest information. QR codes empower customers with perfectly packaged and easy to access digital product information right when they need it.

By digitizing your old-fashioned product manual (likely in the form of hundreds of pdfs), you transform it into a personalized easy-to-navigate intuitive mobile experience that allows customers to effortlessly self-serve first, troubleshoot issues on their own and effortlessly shop for product accessories and add-ons.

The digitizing process can take many forms and can include infographics, videos and interactive progression of your product manual information. It’s all about how the customer is going to best digest and interact with your information.

2. Self-Led Resolutions

Robust self-serve options allow customers to troubleshoot first on their own and often fuel self-led resolutions with zero calls to live support. Easily accessible and intuitive technical content is fundamental and fuels positive customer outcomes, especially when it comes to troubleshooting.

Both the company and the customer benefit from faster, more effortless self-service experiences, especially when it comes to troubleshooting.

It’s a low-cost and low-friction option, beneficial to your customer, and available at their point-of-need. 

3. Personalized Upsell Offers

When a customer has your product in hand and desires to reorder or buy an accessory, they want it to be as easy as possible. Self-serve ordering via a quick mobile scan of an on product or packaging QR code quickly and efficiently takes customers to your online ordering page. It makes accessory re-ordering effortless. Plus, you’ve just engaged your customer in a positive and relevant way, provided for customer satisfaction and boosted sales completely in a virtual setting without a live call.

Within this digital setting fueled by QR codes, brands can easily encourage positive reviews and referrals, as well as, help maintain customer reward programs. When your customer is actively engaged is when they are most ready to review or provide feedback. 

Beautiful Byproducts of Conveying It with QR Codes

And the beautiful byproducts of all this direct consumer engagement? You get to know your customer better on your terms. Clicks are expensive when they originate from social ads, influencers, paid media, SEO management or paid search. Clicks from a QR code on your product are a low-cost digital touchpoint. You can easily engage your customer via the QR code in a wide range of activities that benefit operational excellence, including e-newsletter signups, surveys, promotions and more.

Curious about digitally transforming your product manuals and/or generating product or SKU unique QR codes? When you convey it with Conveyer, you transform static, inflexible old-fashioned product instruction manuals into dynamic mobile experiences that build trust, enhance customer service experiences and create passive revenue opportunities. All by the click of a vanity QR code on your product or packaging.

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