Revolutionize Knowledge Access and Insights with These 3 Conveyer AI Solutions

September 19, 2023
Patricia Alvarez

Empower end users with dynamic access to knowledge by unleashing the data locked in your documentation.

Business leaders are searching for low-risk ways to use AI to optimize internal operational efficiencies, boost business application integrations and elevate customer experiences. Conveyer customers know that the key to unlocking opportunities in these areas is the knowledge within their documentation, which is why they’re using our transformation engine to publish product documentation into WebApps. Conveyer’s WebApps put knowledge at users' fingertips and collect real-time engagement insights. However, Conveyer’s platform offers even more opportunities to unlock the valuable data within documentation to drive business success. 

Conveyer’s platform turns documents into data that can be used in a variety of ways to elevate knowledge management and distribution. Here’s how you can leverage Conveyer’s Q&A, WebApp website embedding, or training data generation to augment internal and customer-facing resources and propel business growth.

1. Q&A

Conveyer's question and answer (Q&A) pairs allow you to extend the power of your data for a variety of AI initiatives. After ingesting your documentation, Conveyer’s AI platform tags and organizes your data, then generates Q&A pairs. With Conveyer’s automated Q&A creation, businesses can train chatbots, augment support resources, improve sales scripts, enhance onboarding and training materials, and more. This solution empowers businesses to provide accurate and relevant information to their end users, improving customer satisfaction and accessibility to knowledge.

2. Website Embed

Conveyer’s WebApps offer a user-friendly and dynamic way for consumers, field service techs, and support teams to interact with product documentation. Conveyer customers are already integrating multimedia resources, capturing user insights, and driving conversions with Conveyer’s WebApps, by the scan of a QR code. But WebApps don’t have to exist as separate webpages — you can easily embed your existing WebApp on your website. 

Conveyer’s WebApps are responsive and customizable, making for seamless integration into your webpages. Embedding your WebApp keeps your proprietary data safe by prohibiting crawling from 3rd party platforms, while keeping consumers on your site — improving site visit duration and sales. Use your WebApp embed to provide prospects with essential pre-sales information, helping them make informed decisions about your products. 

3. Training Data Generation

AI models such as Large Language Models (LLMs) have proven to create massive growth opportunities. To provide effective AI solutions that are accurate, secure, and personalized, companies must train models with their own data. Unfortunately, most either overlook the amount of time and effort required to transform unstructured data (which makes up roughly 80%), or they simply lack the volume of training data necessary. That's where Conveyer comes in. Conveyer structures, tags, and generates new data from source documentation to deliver organized and cleansed training data that teams can load directly into models. Use the newly generated data to pre-train, fine-tune, and prompt-tune LLMs, NLP models, and more.

Unlock new possibilities

By turning documents into data, Conveyer is revolutionizing access to proprietary knowledge that was previously locked in unstructured content. Whether it's through harnessing the power of data with Q&A pairs, embedding dynamic resources on a website, or preparing training data for AI tools, businesses can implement new AI solutions within weeks to quickly unlock the value in their documentation.

Want to see how one of these solutions can unlock opportunities for your business? Contact your Conveyer representative or reach out to us today.