Scan and Go With QR Codes: How it Works

September 29, 2022
Ellie Swanson

QR Codes for Product Manuals  

How are you currently conveying your product information? Does it fit the needs of your average user or your product lifecycle? Possibly not. 

The development engineers at Conveyer (aka the prince and princesses) are big fans of our Scan and Go feature. Not just because we built it or that it solves a problem, but because as everyday consumers, we love how it fits into our everyday life! 

How It Works: QR Codes and Product Documentation

Consumers use their smartphone camera to  scan a QR code on the product packaging, documentation or the product itself and voilà! They are effortlessly taken to the relevant, interactive and dynamic product information on the go, from wherever they are. 

Real-World Use Cases Solvable via QR Codes For Self-Serve

Let’s look at the real-world applications. 

Say you purchase an electronic device or a home appliance. You go through the registration of the product, fill out the warranty card and place the static manual in a box of manuals along with many others. Some of the manuals in the bag are still valid and some are way outdated. The box is voluminous. Hey, sometimes you even stick receipts in there too. 

1. Product Instructions

Fast-forward a few months, and a friend shows you how they are using a snazzy feature of the same product. You want to leverage the feature too, but you can’t figure out how since you have a slightly different model. How do you quickly unlock that feature on your own product? Is it in the manual? But where in the manual? 

2. Product Troubleshooting

Fast-forward a year and possibly your appliance needs a little attention. Maybe it’s a user error or an easy tweak or a maintenance issue. You’d love to troubleshoot on your own rather than calling the manufacturer and waiting on hold, but where the heck did you put that user manual? Oh the dreaded box stuffed with a gazillion other manuals. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. Now you just might have to phone support. Do you even know the model number or when it was purchased? Did you get the warranty? 

3. Product Reviews

Fast-forward to the holidays and you get an email from the company, and they’d love your feedback or a review. You’re enthusiastic about the product and would love to help, but what specific model do you have?

Empower Your Customers With a Smart Connection

For most of these scenarios, users desire to self-serve and self-resolve, if possible. If they go online to search and there are too many manuals, they get lost and frustrated. Maybe they will try YouTube next but there are hundreds of videos from all sorts of sources. It’s a sea of information, and their lifeboat is taking on water.  

This is where Conveyer comes in to help companies convey it better. Our AI-powered platform transforms your static documentation into dynamic online experiences, giving your customers easy access to helpful product info and providing you new opportunities to increase revenue.

It’s what we like to call a smart connection.

It enables and empowers customers, quickly and easily. It builds brand loyalty and provides for passive sales of accessories and add-ons. It paves the path for years of a beautiful relationship with your customer, with your product at the heart of the relationship. 

Ease of access to product information in the moment of need, that’s so precise… that’s what matters. It’s how companies shine and stand out from their competitors. 

So our princes and princesses of development say… go ahead…

> Empower your customers

> Connect with your customers

> Make your customers dance a gig

> And Increase your brand loyalty and revenue

All it takes is the power of scan and go. Contact us to learn more, or try it free by uploading your document here.