Supercharge Security Teams for Crisis Response with GenAI

July 19, 2023
Dr. Ellie Graeden

Provide security workers with quick access to the knowledge they need, in the moments they need it.

When I was the Chief Security Officer of the National Basketball Association (NBA), I saw happen just about every type of crisis that could happen. But it wasn’t the fault of our hardworking staff – major events like NBA games simply yield unexpected situations. And no amount of training can possibly prepare security workers for every unique situation.

The reality is, the combination of under trained staff, disparate information, and incredibly high stakes often results in moments of crises that could easily have been mitigated. Thankfully, the advancements in AI, specifically in Generative AI (GenAI), are creating massive opportunities for security leaders to elevate their crisis response system, by putting essential instructions at workers’ fingertips.

In June, I gave a webinar via Security Today about the role that GenAI tools can play in equipping security workers with proper information in critical moments.

You can see my presentation below.

Here are a few of my thoughts on how GenAI can turn your security team into knowledge workers:

  • Currently, most security teams struggle to provide adequate onboarding, continued education, technology training, and security training protocols for their workers. But security workers rely on such information and training to guide their responses in moments of crisis.
  • In the age of GenAI, security teams can look to new technology to make their workforce more knowledgeable, generate dynamic materials, and in turn produce insights that can be used to develop training.

Three ways to leverage GenAI:

  • Transform your security documentation into a digital, searchable, insight-rich platform that staff can easily access and navigate in moments of need. 
  • Structure the data in your documentation for use in chatbots, FAQ generation, and GenAI tool training.
  • Transform product manuals for security technology devices, like patron screening and access control, to enable rapid self-help for front-line workers without the need to escalate to a manager or take a device offline. 

How to get started:

  • Gather your documents
  • Identify the best use case for your business
  • Collaborate with a technology partner
  • Transform your documents for GenAI
  • Use your data to customize GenAI tools

The technological advancements are evolving rapidly, and the security realm has long been tied to outdated knowledge systems. It’s time we turn to the latest technologies to ensure those on the front lines have everything they need to keep our communities safe – because we owe it to both the security workers and to those they protect.

Want to learn more? Check out my op-ed in Security Today, Physical Security Workers Are Knowledge Workers, It is Time to Start Treating Them that Way.