Turbocharge Your Onboarding Processes With Digital Documentation

December 21, 2022
Carolyn Parent

Bring training into the workflow with Conveyer’s digital solutions.

When an astronaut arrives on the International Space Station, one of the first things they’re shown is a shelf crammed with ring-bound paper user manuals. Even after months of training down on Earth, new arrivals have to quickly master countless processes and bits of equipment once they arrive on the ISS — and while space agencies are testing digital alternatives, for now space voyagers remain dependent on old-school paper manuals to bring them up to speed. 

In countless terrestrial applications, too, user manuals are vital to the process of onboarding and training new employees, contract workers, and end-users. The reality, though, is that while paper manuals might seem like useful training tools, more often than not, they become bottlenecks that slow the onboarding process to a halt. 

Training happens everywhere

Part of the problem is that unlike the International Space Station, most employees and other end-users don’t work in a closed environment. Instead of floating around within easy reach of a shelf full of manuals, teams go out into the field to do their jobs — and more often than not, that means leaving manuals and other documentation stuffed in a desk drawer back at the office.

Worse still, most companies don’t have NASA’s resources, and can’t keep paper manuals up to date. Even if a user has access to printed manuals at the moment that they need them, physical documentation is only current up until the moment that it’s printed. Any new best practices, updated protocols, or revised guidance and specs from the manufacturer are unlikely to be included, making it impossible for users to gain a fully up-to-date skillset simply by reading a paper manual.

Printed documentation, in other words, isn’t designed for the needs of modern organizations. In today’s workplaces, training isn’t a once-and-done onboarding process. It’s a continuous process of on-the-job learning and growth — and supporting that process requires real-time access to up-to-date and authoritative technical information. 

Time for a new approach

At Conveyer, we believe that keeping onboarding materials accessible and up-to-date shouldn’t feel like rocket science. That’s why we’ve created a streamlined, cost-effective solution that enables organizations to effortlessly turn existing product documentation into an intuitive digital experience, and support continuous training and learning as a seamless part of users’ regular workflows.

Using AI tools and NLP (natural language processing), we can rapidly digest existing documentation — from paper manuals to hard-to-read PDFs — and transform it into a well-organized, media-rich, and easy to use digital portal. Users can then access the information they need right from their smartphone, with no need to download apps or special software. 

When you partner with Conveyer, new users never feel out of their depth, and veterans never stop learning. At any time and any place, they can simply scan a QR code to get the exact guidance they need — from authoritative manufacturer specs, to videos and diagrams, to troubleshooting resources and spare-part catalogs.

The result: a higher first-time fix rate for technical teams, a quicker path-to-value for customers, and a far more streamlined learning experience for employees and other stakeholders. 

So if you’re looking to elevate training processes and support your end users, get in touch with Conveyer today. It’s time to take your company’s onboarding processes to the next level.