Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data with Conveyer AI

November 15, 2023
Patricia Alvarez

Unite your unstructured & structured data for AI projects for trustworthy AI with Conveyer’s TopicLake™ repository

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are perpetually on the hunt for innovative ways to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for better customer service and increased operational efficiencies. However, the implementation of AI is significantly impacted by the quality and structure of data it is fed. In other words, AI is only as strong as the data that feed it.

That’s why many businesses are turning to their own data to train AI models rather than turning to public ones, to ensure that only accurate, trusted data be included in their AI-powered tools. The problem is, the majority of a business’s most valuable data is unstructured – think emails, service call logs, legacy CRM data, notes, documents, images, etc. In fact, a whopping 80% of business data is unstructured, and hence, unusable by contemporary AI and analytical tools. 

What’s more, most businesses have a mixture of properly structured data and disparate unstructured data, and most have no way to make use of both types of data in the same AI model. This is where Conveyer AI’s TopicLake™ repository steps in, offering businesses the unprecedented opportunity to harness the power of both their structured and unstructured data for trusted, reliable AI tools.

A New Approach to Data

Conveyer AI takes an innovative approach to data transformation. It amalgamates structured data (tabular) and unstructured data (document), organizing your business's proprietary data by a unified data format known as 'topics,’ and stores the data in a new revolutionary data model called TopicLake™ repository. Conveyer’s TopicLake™ repository comprises contextual topics, summarizations, and semantic metadata that power semantic networks, vector databases, text analytics, and other business applications. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Ingest – Conveyer intelligently extracts content from structured (tabular) and unstructured (document) data sources.

2. Generate – Tabular data and document data are structured into a unified data format called topics. Each topic is annotated with semantic metadata and summarizations. Topics and metadata are stored in Conveyer’s TopicLake™ repository.

3. Access – Data is instantly available via Conveyer’s TopicLake™ repository API. As more data is added to TopicLake™ repository, the semantic metadata becomes richer, accelerating business insights. Increasing the amount of business relevant content in TopicLake™ repository expands the applicability across business use cases.

Immediate Access and a Wealth of Use Cases

Immediate access to data means you can feed your proprietary content straight into your AI model of choice. Be it Large Language Model (LLM), Machine Learning (ML), or Natural Language Processing (NLP), Conveyer AI's TopicLake™ repository prepares your data for a variety of AI models. Alternatively, you can choose to leverage your TopicLake™ repository for our pre-designed solutions such as Q&A pairs, policy dashboard, and web apps.

Q&A pairs are auto-generated from your unstructured content to enhance customer self-service and provide support for employee training. Conveyer's policy dashboard simplifies the interpretation of large data sets through AI-generated topics, summaries, Q&A, and semantic search. The web apps offer dynamic, personalized no-code web applications for an elevated customer experience.

Why Curate Data?

In an era where data is king, safely and efficiently operationalizing all your data is now a strategic imperative for businesses. It impacts a wide range of areas, from AI innovation to compliance and customer service. Conveyer AI partners with businesses to rapidly unify fragmented and neglected data sources. With cutting-edge AI solutions, Conveyer’s TopicLake™ repository efficiently unlocks actionable insights and drives transformational value. Through intelligent data extraction, we make data immediately usable across your business. This allows you to incorporate secure, robust, transformative AI into your corporate systems, giving you an edge in the competitive business landscape.

Whether you’re looking for low-lift, out-of-the-box solutions built on trustworthy data, or services that unlock the value in your structured and unstructured data for use in your AI model of choice, Conveyer’s TopicLake™ repository has got you covered. The TopicLake™ repository paves the way for businesses, big and small, to exploit the full potential of their data. It turns the challenge of unstructured data into an opportunity, fueling innovation and driving business growth at scale.

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