How Conveyer Keeps Your Campus Safe

Digital innovation makes vital information instantly available in the moment it’s needed most.

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The Conveyer solution

Conveyer’s AI platform turns vital information into digital resources that users can instantly access by scanning a QR code with their smartphone.

That’s a simple idea, but a powerful one. With Conveyer, there’s no need for training or onboarding, and no need to download apps or register devices in advance: users simply scan a code to instantly get the support and information they need.

The result: a frictionless solution that appeals to today’s tech-savvy students, but that’s intuitive enough to be used by a visiting parent (or grandparent!) with no prior training — and that’s intelligent enough to provide actionable emergency information right when it’s needed.

Safety in action

Using Conveyer, universities can elevate emergency preparedness with key capabilities including:

Instantly delivering emergency guides & protocols

in the moment that they’re needed

Providing rapid access to resources

including videos, evacuation maps, and more to help users quickly get to safety or understand how to respond to an emergency

Collect feedback, tips and requests

to extend the eyes and ears of your campus

Enabling one-click calls

to rapidly connect users to public safety or emergency services

Correlate engagement data and reporting

to prioritize training and safety bulletins

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Crucially, such information can be made accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Unobtrusive but easily scannable codes can be added to visitor passes and ID cards, for instance, to ensure everyone on campus can instantly find reliable information in an emergency.

Codes can also be added to the built environment to deliver contextually appropriate resources. Scannable tags can easily be added to maps and signage, for instance, or to existing emergency infrastructure such as fire alarms, safety phones, and first-aid kids, providing targeted guidance on how to respond to an emergency, safely exit a building, request assistance, and more.

Beyond Public Safety

With Conveyer, public safety is just the beginning. By making salient information intuitively accessible, our solution supports communication across campus — and beyond.

Students and faculty might be prompted to scan a code to listen to a short video address from your president, or to get the latest updates on campus life. Scannable codes can be woven into alumni outreach, too: codes can be set up to provide updates on upcoming events, for instance, or easy access to a donor site.

Better yet, every single interaction becomes a data point showing where, when, and by whom the code was scanned. That empowers institutions to analyze, fine-tune, and elevate everything from public safety interventions to alumni outreach.

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In today’s demanding world, achieving educational excellence begins with building a safe, connected, and responsive campus environment. Conveyer is making that a reality — so get in touch with our team today to find out more.