Strategy for major paper and printing savings satisfies company and customers

Greystone needed a way to reduce printing and paper costs of their HVAC sensor and transmitter documentation, while supporting their customers' desire for digital, mobile-friendly resources.

Greystone Energy Systems Case Study Image


Greystone noticed that most of their website traffic was via mobile phones, and they saw an opportunity to go digital to better serve their customer base and reduce paper and printing costs.


Conveyer AI’s TopicLake™ platform presented an opportunity to go digital and reduce the massive paper costs. By converting Greystone’s documentation into a searchable, multimedia customer engagement platform, Conveyer AI gave Greystone customers a paperless, dynamic medium for accessing product information.


As a result of digitizing and enhancing their product documentation with Conveyer AI, Greystone has reduced paper usage by 66% and even downsized their copy machines. The feedback from Greystone customers has been nothing but positive, and the company has saved greatly on printing and paper costs.

“We’ve been trying to reduce our paper and printing costs for a while now. We noticed that most of our website traffic was coming from mobile phones, so we decided we needed to focus more on digital. Conveyer AI gave us an opportunity to attack both goals head-on. Since transforming our paper product documentation into digital platforms, we’ve reduced our paper usage by ⅔, we’ve scaled down our printing costs, and our customers are happier too.”

Jeff Ayer

Jeff Ayer

Product & Marketing Manager

Greystone Energy Systems, Inc