Digitizing HVAC manuals results in 66% reduction in paper usage

With the continual growth in the usage and reliance on mobile devices and mobile offices in their industry, Greystone felt it was time to move into the mobile space to be able to provide the next level of service to their customers by having product documentation at their fingertips whenever they need it and wherever they may be.

Greystone Energy Systems Case Study Image


Greystone needed to build a case as to how they could utilize the mobile technology to not just provide their customers with mobile access to Greystone product documents, but also to assist as part of some form of cost reduction.


Conveyer’s unique offering presented an opportunity to go digital, providing a mobile format that's easier to read on mobile phones than a PDF, and additionally reduce massive paper costs. By converting Greystone’s documentation into a searchable, multimedia customer engagement platform, Conveyer gave Greystone customers a paperless, dynamic medium for accessing product information.


As a result of digitizing and enhancing their product documentation with Conveyer, Greystone has reduced paper usage by 66% and even downsized their copy machines. Placing a QR Code on each product that is linked to installation instructions allowed Greystone to remove almost all paper installation instructions from each product. The feedback from Greystone customers has been nothing but positive, and the company has saved greatly on printing and paper costs.