Digitalizing safety information puts it at campus goers' fingertips

Marist College was looking for a way to make their essential safety information more accessible and engaging to campus goers and decided to augment their communications with digital web apps.

Marist Case Study Image


Marist College hoped to deliver to students, faculty, and campus visitors swifter access to important safety information. Their emergency guidelines and protocols lived in static documents on their website, and they had little visibility into how accessible their plans were or whether they had been read – let alone in a moment of need.


Marist saw an opportunity to use technology to improve accessibility and visibility into emergency and health information, increasing the feeling of safety on campus. Leveraging Conveyer to deliver just in time resources makes the updating process easier and provides actionable insights into how better to support the community through usage analytics.


After digitizing their safety documentation with Conveyer, Marist College had 1,400 scans to access the information, with over 1,000 document visits in one month. Recognizing ease of use and the advantage of accessibility, Marist was able to put together a robust resource for their Commencement ceremony information – in less than a week. With their Commencement webapp, they were able to guide and inform the thousands of visitors celebrating graduates.