Field service operations simplified across the board with tech manual digitization

Scientific Games faced constant challenges with documentation, training, repair, maintenance, and operator error of their lottery machines, and needed a way to resolve seemingly simple issues.

Scientific Games Case Study Image


Scientific Games' physical documentation was inhibiting their technicians’ and operators’ abilities to service and operate their lottery machines most efficiently. They needed a digitization solution that would boost first time fix rate, streamline the work order process, quickly close new technician and operator knowledge gaps, and simplify repair and maintenance processes.


Scientific Games saw that Conveyer could make their field service documentation more accessible and mobile-friendly, leading to an increase in first time fixes and a reduction in time to onboard new technicians. They also saw an opportunity to make tech manuals, training materials, and safety bulletins easy to update and modify.


As a result of digitizing and enhancing their product documentation with Conveyer, Scientific Games has decreased support call volume by 5% year-over-year, sped up technician onboarding by 20%, improved first-time fix rate, simplified access to product information, and granted self-service troubleshooting to customers.