Data transformation slashed printing costs & supercharged content updating

Whirlpool needed to decrease printing costs and improve dynamic access to product documentation. By transforming their product data with Conveyer, Whirlpool reduced their product manuals from 97 printed pages to 3.

Whirlpool Case Study Image


Whirlpool wanted to decrease printing costs and increase access to product instruction content. Their product documentation lived in static documents, both in paper format and on their website, and they had little visibility into how effective their manuals were for customers.


In discovering Conveyer’s data transformation services, Whirlpool identified a major opportunity to reduce paper and printing costs by going digital, and they found a more dynamic way to update their content in real time.


After digitizing their documentation with Conveyer, Whirlpool reduced the number of product manual pages from 97 to 3, drastically reducing printing costs and saving Whirlpool product marketing managers up to 10 hours per week in content updates.