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Why companies choose Conveyer

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Testimonial Image

Since transforming our documentation into digital platforms with Conveyer, we’ve reduced our paper usage by ⅔ and scaled down our printing costs.

Jeff Ayer

Product & Marketing Manager
Greystone Energy Systems

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Testimonial Image

We at BLACK+DECKER are excited to collaborate with Conveyer to provide our users with an improved customer experience.

Aldon Blackwood

Director of Product Management

Picture of David Douglas
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As I think about what Conveyer does, I think most companies need or will need Conveyer. I consider it one of the higher ROI purchases we've ever made.

David Douglas

VP of Service Management
Scientific Games

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Testimonial Image

After digitizing our field guides with Conveyer, we now have analytics to inform us on the progress of installations.

Crystal Mears

VP of Customer Success
Juice Bar

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Conveyer sets up a natural inbound channel through your existing product manuals. ​We create your fastest path to additional revenue and consumer satisfaction.

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Case Studies

Fortune 100 Retail Company

A Fortune 100 Retail Company 10x'd their conversion rates and saved $3M in costs by transforming their product manuals with Conveyer.

Whirlpool reduced product manual size by 97% through transforming their data with Conveyer

Greystone Energy Systems, Inc

Greystone reduced paper usage by 66% by digitizing their HVAC sensor and transmitter documentation with Conveyer

Marist College

Digitizing Safety Information puts it at campus goers’ fingertips

Scientific Games

Scientific Games sped up onboarding by 20% by transforming tech manuals with Conveyer