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What’s the implementation on converting product instructions into digital assets?

Implementation times vary by the number and size of your documents. For example, the typical implementation time for 15 product instructions is approximately one week.

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What is the cost?

Conveyer offers an annual SaaS subscription, with pricing based on the number of products. Contact us for a quote – the cost will be substantially less than the cost of printing product instructions.

Does Conveyer transform documents in an automated, scalable way?

Yes, Conveyer is an AI-powered software platform that converts hundreds of pages of documentation at scale. Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), Conveyer ingests Word documents and PDFs with a wide variety of formatting, images, tables, and media. We are constantly training our AI models to ingest instructions with minimal human effort. Currently, Conveyer’s platform handles 90% of the work in converting static files to an online, digital format. The remaining 10% of effort involves quality checks by humans, e.g., ensuring your content is formatted for all screen sizes, from desktop to mobile. If you have a document you'd like us to test, we’d be happy to arrange for that.

How does Conveyer use AI and NLP?

Conveyer uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to parse consumer questions and compare them to existing Q&A pairings extracted from individual Topics. By categorizing the end-users’ intent — based on what they write or say — we can match their expression to the best possible Q&A pairing.

Can I include hyperlinks to other online manuals, whether existing or upcoming?

Yes, we encourage crosslinking between applications, manuals, documents, etc. that are relevant to the user experience.

Is Conveyer’s transformed content readable on mobile devices?

Yes, all the documentation that we convert into web-based content is compatible on all screen sizes, including smartphones and tablet devices.

Does Conveyer embed multimedia files?

Yes, Conveyer can embed videos, still images, animated gifs, and audio files.

What types of documents or files can you convert into online content?

Conveyer’s AI-powered software can ingest PDF, Word, and XML files.

Does Conveyer support HTML files?

No, Conveyer does not ingest HTML files. We do, however, ingest PDF, Word, and XML files at scale.

Does Conveyer offer analytics tracking on individual users who access the transformed web-based content?

Yes, we deliver analytics on user visits and content engagement. We track users by device IDs, or alternatively, via specific event triggers defined by you.

Is it possible to use Conveyer if you are a service provider needing to transform an OEM’s product instructions?

Yes, we work with service providers to do exactly that – and it’s legal! Why? Because we don’t alter any content; rather, we simply consolidate and reorganize the information, making sure to display your OEM’s copyright details. Your OEM doesn’t need to be involved at all! As a Conveyer customer, the transformed content is trackable and searchable, so your team isn’t constantly reaching out to support in attempts to track down specific product manuals.

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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our friendly team.