Conveyer’s TopicLake™ Technology offers intelligent transformation to give you cleaned, pre-processed data in an immediately usable format.

Curated Data Repository

Start using cleaned, tagged, structured, searchable data sets with Conveyer's Data as a Service.

Tap into Conveyer's API, unlocking 10s of millions of insights, updated daily.

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Data Transformation

Turn your knowledge assets into an insight-rich data repository.

Build a pre-processed repository of traceable, governed, quality data from your trusted sources.

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Curated Data Repository

Conveyer’s AI engine ingests, structures, tags, and annotates diverse data sets to support a wide variety of business needs. The Curated Data Repository houses pre-cleaned, pre-processed Curated Data Sets that are ready to use for your AI projects.

Activate our API key for a wealth of clean, structured, searchable data (or preview first 30 days free).

Conveyer's Curated Data Repository offers:

Accurate summaries, with complex topics and fragmented or contradictory regulatory requirements distilled into actionable language for non-specialist users.
Auto-generated FAQs, with Q&A pairs automatically derived from regulatory topics to support teams, enrich the user experience, and enable rapid compliance.
Live updates, with both provisional and enforceable regulatory language automatically incorporated across all topics, industries, and downstream content assets.

Explore our Curated Data Sets

Streamline policy compliance with our pre-cleaned, pre-processed data set, searchable by classifications, summaries, Q&A pairs, sentiment and semantic search, and more.
Fast Facts
  • Data from federal regulations since 2020

  • 19 agencies represented

  • Search across 16,000 documents

  • 10 million topics, summaries, semantic artifacts, and Q&A pairs

Experience the Conveyer difference
Easily understand regulations across multiple jurisdictions
Mitigate risk of compliance oversight
Adapt quickly to regulation changes

Data Transformation

Using Conveyer’s TopicLake™ Technology, streamline access to and gain value from your structured and unstructured data. Conveyer transforms, organizes and generates your content into user-friendly summarizations, semantic metadata, and question and answer pairs that power AI business applications.

Transform your data into high-trust training data, comprised of artifacts included but not limited to classifications, summaries, Question and Answer (Q&A) pairs, sentiment and semantic search.
Fast Facts
  • Merge unstructured with structured data via a single data model

  • Data is pre-cleaned and pre-processed

  • Generate new artifacts, including classifications, summaries, Q&A pairs, sentiment and semantic networks

Experience the Conveyer difference
Bypass the data cleansing process with pre-cleaned, pre-processed data
Eliminate the need for time spent on data structuring through unified structured and unstructured data
Hone data analyst role to focus on analysis and visualization
Safeguard your data from public BI tools
Personalize the search experience with data you can trust. Conveyer auto-generates Q&A pairs from your data that you can use for an optimized customer experience, chatbot training, website FAQs, and more.
Fast Facts
  • Using data from the TopicLake™ Technology, Conveyer auto-generates Q&A pairs

  • Answers generated based on the full context of the content, not predicted answers

  • Use Q&A pairs for FAQs, customer support training, sales scripts, chatbot training, and more

Experience the Conveyer difference
Reduce labor time searching for relevant FAQs or Q&As with auto-generated Q&A pairs
Empower customer service with rapid knowledge access
Improve SEO by embedding Q&A pairs on your website
Personalize the user experience and boost self-service with accurate, tailored responses
Build a dynamic, multimedia customer experience, allowing users to interface with your data on your terms. Conveyer transforms your documentation into no-code, one-click Web Apps, accessible via QR code or web embedding.
Fast Facts
  • One-click transformation of documents into digital engagement platforms

  • No-code, responsive design

  • Offline capability

  • Advanced search capabilities

  • Offer easy upsell opportunities and product recommendations

Experience the Conveyer difference
Improve and personalize customer access to relevant company information
Empower customer service with rapid knowledge access
Reduce employee training time with quick reference web apps
Conveyer TopicLake Technology diagram

How It Works

Over 80% of businesses’ data exists in unstructured formats — and goes virtually ignored by modern AI and analytics tools. Conveyer AI’s TopicLake™ Technology makes that data instantly accessible across a wide range of high-value use cases.



  • Conveyer intelligently extracts content from virtually any data source.



  • Data sources are structured into a unified data format called topics

  • Each topic is annotated with semantic metadata and summarizations

  • Topics and metadata are stored in Conveyer’s TopicLake™ Technology



  • Data is instantly available via Conveyer’s TopicLake™ Technology API

  • As more data is added to TopicLake™ Technology, the semantic metadata becomes richer, accelerating business insights

  • Increasing the amount of business relevant content in TopicLake™ Technology expands the applicability across business use cases