Conveyer’s TopicLake™ Repository offers intelligent extraction to give you structured data in an immediately usable format

Operational Intelligence

Conveyer AI turns all your unstructured and structured knowledge assets — from regulatory language to product manuals — into a unified source of truth for your business operations. From streamlining compliance to elevating the customer experience, Conveyer has got you covered.


Whether you are building your own models or tuning off-the-shelf versions, Conveyer AI is your one-stop engine for transforming documentation into high-trust, high-quality AI training data.


Policy Dashboard

Conveyer’s Policy Dashboard makes complex regulations — including the entire Federal Register — intuitively searchable across document types, with auto-generated summaries and Q&A pairs to augment compliance analysis and quickly assess the impact of changing regulations.

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  • Save hours per day for employees
  • Easily understand regulations across multiple jurisdictions
  • Mitigate risk of oversight
  • Adapt quickly to regulation changes
Federal Policy Compliance
Streamline policy compliance by searching across document types, summaries, and Q&A pairs to quickly assess impact and remain compliant.
Documentation Analysis
Upload your documentation to rapidly search across content types to find the file or answers you’re looking for

Web Apps

Conveyer’s TopicLake™ Repository enables dynamic, personalized no-code web apps for an elevated customer experience

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  • Save hours per day for employees
  • Provide access to important business information
  • Improve SEO
  • Empower customer service
  • Easy access via strategic QR code placement
Website Embedding
Embed WebApps on websites and eliminate PDF downloads to make information intuitively accessible
Product Recommendations
Add upsell links in webapps to increase post sales e-commerce and leverage comprehensive data capture to enable a better customer relationship
Elevate customers’ self-service by presenting product information in a searchable, multimedia format
Safety Resources
Deliver mission-critical safety information in the moment it's needed most
Scan and Go
Combine QR Codes on products and packaging with webapps optimized for mobile devices

Question & Answer Pairs

Conveyer’s TopicLake™ Repository automatically detects question and answer pairs in your unstructured content to improve productivity

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  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Boost self-service
  • Improve SEO
  • Empower customer service with the accurate information
Chatbot Training
Use Q&A pairs as training data for chatbots, creating an accurate, responsive chat experience for your customers
Sales Scripts
Improve your sales scripts with data-driven Q&A pairs that reflect real customer inquiries
Customer Support Training
Build comprehensive training materials for your sales agents, customer support agents, and technicians that help them best support customers
Website FAQs
Establish data-driven FAQs for your website that support customers in learning about your company and products

Training Data

Conveyer’s TopicLake™ Repository automatically prepares and structures your data for use in training AI models such as LLMs, vector databases, ML, and NLP.

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  • Build a robust stack of data that encompasses diverse perspectives to yield accurate, versatile AI models
  • Streamline the data preparation process
  • Reduce labor time
  • Safeguard your data from public LLMs
Generate prompts from your proprietary data that can be used to train your model
Use your proprietary data to teach your AI model tasks specific to your organization and its goals
Pre-train LLMs with your freshly packaged and generated data to create a secure, accurate generative AI engine
Safety Resources
Deliver mission-critical safety information in the moment it's needed most