Conveyer AI transforms documentation into structured topics, newly generated data, and web applications that help businesses deepen customer engagement. Solutions are available as an integrated service or selected modules.

Document Transformation

Conveyer AI transforms unstructured content within documents into a structured format comprising topics that are stored in a Topic Lake™️. Conveyed Topics are categorized, tagged, and contain stylized and non-stylized text.

Data Generation

Conveyer AI uses the Topic Lake™️ to generate new data at scale. Conveyed Data is used with Generative AI LLMs (to pre-train & fine-tune), traditional chatbots, business applications, and websites.

WebApp Publishing

Topics are presented within interactive web applications via Conveyed WebApps, Conveyer's no-code, one-click publishing tool. Turn static product documents into new engagement channels that improve customer experience and drive revenue.


Conveyed Topics

Powered by Conveyer’s AI powered transformation engine, Conveyed Topics analyzes the structure and content of your input documents, then applies this analysis to the desired output format – while preserving the original content and structure. Activate converted documents on different devices or platforms, and extract valuable insights to improve operations and mitigate risks.

Use Cases:
Business applications
Component Content Management Systems (CCMS)
Prompts for Generative AI LLMs
Product Image

Conveyed Data

Conveyed Data generates Q&A pairs, topic summarizations, and topic embeddings at scale. Deliver accurate and relevant information with Conveyed Data. Powered by Conveyer's GenAI technology, Conveyed Data helps businesses create private LLMs, dynamically answer questions, and enable unique content analysis. 

Use Cases:
Pre-training data and fine-tuning data for Large Language Models (LLMs)
Training data for traditional chatbots
FAQs on websites, customer service queries, and 24/7 personal assistance
Topic summarization, topic similarities and clustering 

Conveyed WebApps

Conveyer's patented no-code publishing service, Conveyed WebApps, retrieves topics from the Topic Lake™ and presents them within dynamically generated webapps. Conveyed WebApps enhances the omni-channel experience, reduces website abandonment, and captures user engagement details.

Use Cases:
Embed webapps on websites and eliminate PDF downloads which lead to deliberate website abandonment
Elevate customers self-service by combining QR Codes on products and packaging with webapps optimized for mobile devices
Add upsell links in webapps to increase post sales e-commerce
Deliver real-time safety information on business and school campuses through mobile webapps